Tandem jumps


What you should know before tandem parachute jump?


Do you really want to jump? Most people will answer that question with YES. For some it is even a step of victory in life, something without which life would be incomplete. But there are also those who fear from a height and even thought of jumping fright them. If you are one of them, you should seriously consider whether it is worthwhile to pay for a jump and with torture enter the aircraft for parachute landing. But for those who want to jump ... go !!!


Tandem skydiving is suitable for anyone who is healthy. No need for additional physical abilities, exceptional reflexes or special talents. However, you should inform tandem - pilot if you:

- had in the last year any serious accident (fracture, concussion ...)

- you were in medical care due to serious illness (heart, high blood pressure, spinal injury, ...)

- had in the last year any mental or psychological problems (drug addiction, alcohol, unconsciousness ...) or if you still suffer from these problems

- you have consumed alcohol in the last 12 hours

Time factor of jump performance

We subscribe passengers at a certain time and we usually perform the jump at a predetermined time. In practice, this means that you need to be at the airport one hour before the jump. In this hour you get familiar with environment and you perhaps even get a new company. Meanwhile your tandem pilot or assistant prepares you for jump. This is the ideal scenario. But skydiving is a sport with number of "variables", which should be taken into account:

- weather: only one cloud in the wrong place can moved the schedule;

- air traffict: unpredictable increase of air traffic over the airport may also be the reason for the delay;

- technical problems: at the airport, on airplane or on parachute. In skydiving there is NO "almost 100%" equipment. It is 100% or jump will not be executed.

Therefore it is good that you take your time for the day that you choose for this unique experience. After the jump you will leave the airport richer for unique experience which you will remember forever.

Dates of implementation

The jumps are performed throughout the year, by a prior agreement.

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