Guided tours

Guided tours

For all those interested in the airport background and aiport working processes we offer a tour around the airport and to the individual airport divisions. The guided airport tours are suitable especially for kindergardens, primary and secondary schools as well as faculties. We also host different associations and other organised groups. To book group tours please contact the airport reception on 05 617 51 40 or

Guidelines and information for groups:

- Guided tours of the airport are possible from Monday to Friday by priror agreement. During the high season we reserve the right not to accept group tours to avoid disturbances at work process.

- Due to workflow, the number of visits per day is limited.

- Book an appointment for guded tour at least 5 days before your desired visit.

- Notify your cancellation at least one day before your visit. Otherwise, you will be charged the full price for guided tour.

- Because the airport is a protected area, you must provide a list with name and surname, place of residence and ID number of all visitors before entering the airport area.

- Representative - The group leader should carry a personal ID document on the day of the visit. The team leader takes responsibilty for all team members.

- Guided tour takes around 1 hour.

- Visits to the airport control and meteorological station are not guaranteed at every visit and in case of unavailability do not mean reduced payment of the visit.

- Viewing is charged according to the valid price list. Client or. the payer of the guided tour receives an invoice after the visit. Payment by cash is not possible.

- We reserve the right to make changes.

Price list of guided tours
Effective from September 1, 2019 (price includes VAT):

up to 24 visitors

up to 48 visitors

up to 72 visitors