Pilot Shop

Pilot shop


We are preparing a shop with pilot products for you. The products you will find in the Pilot shop include pilot accessories:

- bags and suitcases

- flight maps

- clothes

- flight planning aids

- headphones

- logbooks

- microphones

- navigational aids

- watches and cameras

and other pilot accessories.

We will provide trademarks Cirrus, Garmin, Asa, Jeppesen, Bose, Sennheiser, Bigatmo, Aeroshell and many others. Among the pilot accessories, you will also find a wide range of souvenirs from local and regional Slovenian providers, as well as gift vouchers for panoramic flights.

The store is located at the well-known location at the Portorož airport reception: Sečovlje 19, 6333 Sečovlje

Our suppliers are: Cirrus, Transport Jacks, Rogers data

Welcome soon!