Renovated fuel manipulating platform

We have completed the renovation of the fuel manipulating platform. Now there is a new station for supplying aircrafts with JET-A1 and AVGAS 100LL fuel.

The reconstruction consisted of the implementation of new mechanical and electrical installations carried out by Petrol d.d. The complete renovation of the fuel manipulating platform, including the installation of an oil catcher to prevent the pollution of the environment in the event of a possible spillage of fuels, was done by Aerodrom Portrož ltd.

The reconstruction fulfills all the requirements of the currently valid standards, the requirements of guidelines and the JIG standard, at the same time meets all the standards in the field of ecology and fire safety. 

The renovation was an opportunity to renew the look of the entire facility which now certainly contributes to a better image of the entire airport.

We are grateful to all the contractors and participants for the cooperation and successful completion of works.