Discover Autumn colors with us!

Experience autumn colors from the air and book a panoramic flight!

Panoramic flight routes :

Airport Portoroz – Piran – Airport Portoroz
Length of flight: 8 min
Price: 65 EUR 

Piran, Izola, Koper
Airport Portoroz – Piran – Izola – Koper – Airport Portoroz
Length of flight: 15 min
Price: 97 EUR 

Piran, Izola, Koper, Črni kal
Airport Portoroz – Piran – Izola – Koper – Črni kal – Airport Portoroz
Length of flight: 30 min
Price: 162 EUR

Slovenska obala, Lipica, Skocjan caves
Airport Portoroz – Piran – Izola – Koper – Lipica – Skocjan caves – Airpot Portoroz
Length of flight: 45 min
Price: 259 EUR 

Umag, Vrsar, Limski channel
Airport Portoroz – Umag – Vrsar – Limski channel – Airport Portoroz
Length of flight: 45 min
Price: 259 EUR

Umag, Limski channel, Brioni
Airport Portoroz – Umag – Limski channel – Brioni – Airport Portoroz
Length of flight: 60 min
Price: 318 EUR

Panoramic flight above the Alps
Airport Portoroz – Triglav – Airport Portoroz
Length of flight: 100 min
Price: 527 EUR

Panoramic flights at Airport Portorož are available during whole year with a motor plane Cessna 172 in which there is room for three passengers and the pilot. In advence we have prepared most popular flight routes in flight packages. By prior arrangement you can also book a flight by your wishes. The price of the flight is calculated according to the length of the flight and not per person.

Reservations can be made at the reception desk of the airport or by phone +386 5 617 51 40.

To order a gift certificate received by ordinary mail and prepay on bank account, please call +386 5 672 25 45