General measures at public airports for international air traffic

General measures at public airports for international air traffic

People with signs of acute respiratory infection (fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, chest pain) should stay home.

General measures at public airports for international air traffic:

- The safety distance between passengers has to be at least 1,5 meters. You can find markings on the floor for determining the appropriate safety distance between passengers. Directional lanes are designed to guide and separate passengers.

- There is a limited number of passengers who can be in the passenger terminal at the same time, taking into account the processes of arrival and departure of passengers.

- It is mandatory to disinfect your hands before entering the passenger terminal. This applies to all passengers, visitors and other users.

- It is recommended to wear a mask, expectialy in terminal, during the (internal) process of embarking and disembarking, passenger transport by vehicles and in other enclosed spaces. For passengers, masks are also available in airport store against payment.

- The frequency of disinfection in passenger terminal is carried out based on the number of passengers

- The passenger terminal is ventilated several times and the places touched by passengers are cleaned more often.

- You can also find more about preventive measures on posters and advertising monitors at the airport.

- For additional protection, protective glasses are installed at workplaces (flight check-in - "CHECKIN", aircraft exits - "GATE").

- Personal protective equipment (face masks, disposable gloves and goggles) is used at security checkpoints.

Please note that despite taking all measures, the possibility of infection is not completely ruled out.