General aviation




             as AD Administration and O/R


as AD Administration and O/R

Fuel/oil types

·         100 LL … 1,823 eur/l

·         JP-A1 …. 1,279 eur/l

All prices are informative. Last update on  1.3.2021. Check by e-mail

Oil Types

AERO SHELL 15W-50 … 18,00 eur/l

All prices are informative. Check by e-mail

                Airport restrictions (SLOT)

Airport Portoroz has no SLOT restrictions.



Winter schedule

25.10.2020 - 27.3.2021

8:00LT- 16:30 LT

7:00 UTC - 15:30 UTC

Summer schedule

29.3.2020 - 24.10.2020 

8:30 LT - 20:00 LT

6:30 UTC - 18:00 UTC




A pilot in command can only expect to receive a departure clearance if he is ready to taxi at 15:20 UTC in winter time (17:50 UTC in summer time). Exemptions can only be authorised by the Airport Operator. Additional charges may be applied.



Landings are not permitted after 15:30 UTC in winter time (18:00 UTC in summer time). Exemptions can only be authorised by the Airport Operator. Additional charges may be applied.



Approach, transit and departure

For transit flights and technical stopovers on the Republic of Slovenia territory, no permission is necessary. General declaration and passenger manifest are not necessary. For domestic animal carriage are required medical certificates and records of vaccinations, entry permits, transit permits, exit permits and other documents required for animals by States of entry and/or transit.

Payment of airport services

Airport services must be paid, before departure, at the airport receprion desk. Payment can be made in euros (EUR) or by credit cards Visa, Master Card, Activa, BA Maestro.


Notice that, a foreign ultralight aircraft may fly in slovene airspace in accordance with the flight plan, with the abbreviation ul entered in the remarks, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

- a foreign aircraft has a permit to fly or an equivalent document issued by the foreign competent authority

- the pilot of a foreign aircraft holds a valid pilot's licence for that class of aircraft and airspace in which he intends to fly

- a foreign aircraft has a mandatory insurance certificate valid in the territory of the republic of slovenia

- a foreign aircraft meets the condition regarding noise

- a foreign aircraft has a radio station licence, if a radio station is installed in the aircraft

- a foreign aircraft has a registration mark, and an identification plate and serial number, a notice with the use of equipment and minimal equipment.

UL Regulation

Charts related to the airport

Up-to-date information on the airport and flight procedures is available on the Slovenia Control website (

Meteorological office

For all meteo informations, please contact +386 5 617 91 20.






From the Airport Portoroz crew and passengers have the option of transfer orders.


How to get by car?

Airport Portoroz is located on the edge of the village Sečovlje, 500m from the Slovenian-Croatian border. Arriving by road from Portorož: drive 5 miles through the village Lucija, pass the village Seča and immediately after passing Sečovlje bridge, over the river Drnica, turn right. Arriving by road from the direction of Dragonja: at the traffic lights turn left to Sečovlje, drive 3 miles and in the next intersection, at the international border turn right, drive another 700 m and then turn left.

Contact information

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding our services:

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Sečovlje 19, 6333 Sečovlje, Slovenia

T: +386 5 617 51 40

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