Business facilities for rent

Business facilities for rent

Organise your business presentations, meetings, lectures or training in a nice suit, technically equipped, air conditioned conference room, located in the terminal building of Portorož Airport.

Renting the technically equipped conference room:

- Air-conditioned / heated meeting room
- 12 seats (with the possibility of additional chairs), a large table
- Wireless Internet Access
- The use of LCD projector
- Use white canvas for the projection
- Use white boards with appropriate written
- Prior to the meeting room is available for additional space (eg, to entertain guests waiting room)
- Available for hire every day.


The rental price in EUR, excluding VAT:


Conference room

All-day rents

Renting for a max of 4 hours

without equipment



with equipment



Prices are applicable for the opening hours of the airport.
Outside the opening hours, there is an additional payment of €10.00 per hour.
At the tenant’s request, service can be provided during recesses: non-alcoholic refreshing drinks, coffee, tea, appetisers.
The room is provided with a shared toilet.
Free parking is available in front of the building.
In the terminal building of Portorož Airport, the restaurant Al Barone is also available.