Airport medical services

Airport medical services

At Portorož Airport, a medical service is available to all passengers and visitors who would urgently need medical assistance.

Emergency medical service and first aid service are mandatory services at Portorož Airport. They help potential injured and wounded or assistance needed persons at Portorož Airport. In the event of intervention, the first called to the scene of the accident is the Airport unit of the fire and rescue. Depending on the extent and level of the accident, the airport doctor and the doctor on duty from municipality of Piran, as well as Emergency Medical Service of Piran, PHE Obala are called on scene. All Portorož Airport employees completed a first aid course, which is renewed annually as part of work training.

A defibrillator, received by Zavarovalnica Triglav as a donation, has also been available at the airport terminal reception since 2010. In this way, everyone can help in an emergency, even the inexperienced ones, as the machine is giving very detailed instructions.

In the event of a plane crash or any air incedent in the Portorož airport area all airport users, pilots, passengers and visitors must adjust to safety regime that enters into force . If at the time of the accident you are in a secured area of the airport (airport apron, on the way to the terminal) you are immediately obliged to leave the secured area and with that enable airport and other medical services to react quickly. You can wait in the airport terminal for further instructions from airport staff. At the time of the flight event, incident or accident, air traffic is stopped and air operations are not possible. The airport may be closed for a longer period of time due to the consequences of the accident. During this time, we ask for patience and further instructions from the staff at Portorož Airport.

Be safe in the air!