V zraku nad morjem

V zraku nad morjem


On the wings of the Mediterranean

Spread your wings and fly directly into the heart of the Mediterranean hospitality. During the slow descent through the clear sky you can feast your eyes on the magical Gulf of Piran and the natural beauty of the Sečovlje Salt-pans Landscape Park. Land in the safety and privacy of a small airport that sports a personal approach to every single visitor, and discover the local hidden places, laced with the hint of the Mediterranean. Feel the beat of the cosmopolitan Portorož that lies only 5 km from the airport, and plunge into the unending narrow streets of the peaceful Piran, a town full of cultural heritage. Indulge all your senses in the idyllic sea-side setting, relax yourself in one of the top-notch body & mind wellness centres, or take advantage of the excellent location and go on trips into the diverse surrounding landscape.

Aerodrom Portoroz is the third international airport in Slovenia with a 1200-metre asphalt runway. It is suitable for all types of aircraft under the VFR and IFR rules with up to 25 tons of maximum take-off weight. The airport features an aviation gasoline and kerosene service, hangar, flight school, restaurant with an outdoor terrace, Shop, parking area, post office, etc. It is renowned for the beautiful panoramic flights and parachute jumps. Due the mild climate, the airport is an ideal place for pilot eduaction and training throughout the year. Portorož Airport offers long-lasting tradition, top quality services as well as a friendly and gracious approach to each and every customer. Stop by the restaurant terrace, where you can observe the activities at the airport premises, treat yourself to a nice coffee, or try out the selection of the Slovene and international dishes. 

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29.10.2017 - 25.03.2018


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25.03.2018 - 28.10.2018

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